Utah Considering the Texas License to Carry Law For Movie Theater Safety

Utah moviegoers know that they are vulnerable in a movie theater and therefore are considering lobbying the Utah state legislature into passing a law similar to the Texas license to carry for their state. Ever since the horrible events in Aurora Colorado when a deranged man shot up a theater during the midnight premier of The Dark Knight Returns, Utah moviegoers have felt a little less safe sitting in the movie theater. Although there is no guarantee that a movie theater full of people packing heat would actually make the situation safer people do want options to protect themselves in situations such as these.


One can certainly imagine a situation where a person watching a movie feels threatened and discharges a firearm in a movie theater causing death or serious injury to another person. One can certainly imagine a situation where this event happens mistakenly and a person is killed or injured accidentally. Obviously this is an argument not to pass a law similar to the one in Texas in the sate of Utah. Perhaps adopting better security measures in a movie theater is the answer. Although in a free society it is generally assumed that most public places can be accessed free of unreasonable search and seizure.

On the other hand people want to be able to protect themselves. Arguably if more people carried firearms then citizens would be able to stop a mass shooting or deter it from happening in the first place. As the old adage goes, gun right restrictions do not stop criminals from using guns illegal, it only stops law abiding citizens from using guns illegal. Of course this is not the common verbiage used in the old adage but it conveys the idea intended by the old adage.