There Are No Movies About A Drum Pump on the Horizon

Scripts about all manner of subjects circulate throughout Hollywood with one glaring exception and that is a movie that centers around a drum pump as its main protagonist. At first glance there is an obvious reason for this apparent oversight. That reason is that a drum pump is a semi-inanimate object and not the proper subject for the protagonist of a movie. This is not only true at first glance but most likely for all subsequent glances as well. Because of this, it is the considered opinion of the Utah Movie Review Blog that there in all likelihood will not be a movie on this subject in either the near term or the long term.


It might be worth our time to consider just what such a movie would look like. What sort of plot structure would involve a pump of any kind as its main character? Perhaps the movie is something akin to Toy Story where the pumps come alive when all humans are not there to observe them. Perhaps the plot could revolve around the transportation of some corrosive chemical. It is the pump’s job to make sure this happens without spilling a drop.

Of course that would be the main story arc but the real heart of the story would involve the interpersonal relationships between the protagonist pump and the other pumps with which he travels. Perhaps there is a love interest between the pump and a female pump. At some point in the third act of the script there has to be something important at stake. It seems obvious that this crisis should revolve around the possible spillage of the corrosive chemicals contained within the drum. The pump then saves the day by sacrificing itself for the greater good of all pumps everywhere.